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This review is in regards to all of these negative reviews of the response time to maintenance requests by the office and the maintenance people and the work and workers themselves. I've lived here (Ascend) for almost two years, so I am familiar with both the previous management and maintenance managers and workers and the current ones. While is takes a bit more time (24 hrs. unless there is an emergency) to request maintenance personnel with the new management, it is still very easy. I used to just call the office; now I have to fill out a maintenance request online or go to the office itself, which is really no problem at all. If I happen to need to go to the office, I might just make the request there, but most of the time I simply do an online request. All of my requests (and there have been several over time) have been acknowledged immediately and acted upon in a timely fashion. The workers who have come to my apartment have always been courteous and competent; if a worker had a problem himself (where are the ladies, I wonder?), he contacted someone else to assist. I'm truly sorry that so many of you feel the way you do about the request process, the time it took to correct the problem, and the courtesy/competence of the workers, but hat simply has not been my experience.


I love living here. The staff, office and maintenance are professional, friendly and get the job done. I appreciate the clean area outside and how if there is a problem them come and fix it! WOW wish every company was this easy to work with!



I must admit when I walked in on my first day, I had concerns. There were a few mix ups about amenities and a couple other things I worried about. Before I called the office I looked at google reviews and they were horrible. Many saying that the office was no help and that they'd ignore you for days and never fix what was broken. Needless to say when I called the office looking for help I was expecting to be met with poor attitude and be dismissed. I was VERY WRONG! I spoke with the manager, Robin (I hope I spelled her name correctly), and she came to my unit personally to assess and discuss concerns I had. She had a new A/C unit and Washer/Dryer ordered and installed within a few days and had nothing but pleasant conversation and kind words and gestures to offer. Personally I feel if you speak with management here and address any issues in a professional manner and don't act like a total jack*** you'll be treated fairly and taken care of. I'm looking forward to the next few months at Red Rocks!


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