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See what other people are saying about Elevate at Red Rocks Apartments for rent in Lakewood, CO! Here, we truly value our residents' voices, and we look forward to what each of them has to say. At our 80228 apartments, we strive to fully design our thriving community with the resident in mind. We encourage each resident to share their honest experience of living at Elevate at Red Rocks so that we can continue to improve. Here, our residents are our top priority. Schedule a tour of our Lakewood apartments, and see for yourself better living.


Verified Resident

AC Replaced Quick!
Mason did a great job when he stopped by this afternoon to replace some AC equipment that was spitting out hot air on the "cool" setting! I only put in the request this morning, so I'm a happy resident! The front office-staff are also always very helpful and friendly when I need to drop by.


Great apartments with great floor plans. Quiet neighborhood. Good location with nearby restaurants, shopping, and a nice park right across the street. Kallie and Griffin in the office were very friendly. Frank and the maintenance staff were amazing and were quick to handle any requests.


Living here has been a major upgrade than where we lived before. Mason goes above and beyond whenever we have maintenance issues where as it would take 4 months at our old place to get requests handled


We cannot say enough kind things about the staff of Elevate! We have been here almost two years and unfortunately have to move out of state. The front desk staff has always been so friendly and kind. Especially Griffin, Kallie and Melanie. The maintenance crew works tirelessly for HOURS to maintain the property and any maintenance requests are dealt with usually the same day. We both used the gym facilities and the pool pretty regularly and thoroughly enjoyed our time here. We will be sad to leave! I would absolutely recommend this property to anyone looking.


Just started my lease at Elevate at Red Rocks. The property is currently being updated, as well as the grounds and new updated gym. From what I can tell already, the people seem super friendly in the area and the park across the property is great for a nice morning stroll. Everything is close by for dining out or going on a hike or bike ride. I'll keep you posted all posted. Thanks Kellie! You were great!


Very grateful to the leasing team who has been super kind in helping me with my many questions. Moving can be very nerve-wracking and to have kind and patient people to provide info makes it all a bit better. Thank you to both Griffin and Melanie for your help!


Very happy with Mason every time he comes to my apartment. He fixes it first time every time he's never missed. Best person they've ever had border king here


The maintenance team of this complex is truly incredible.. it’s scary moving out and especially with todays prices.. not knowing what’s going to break next and how much will I have to pay for it?? Here as long as I pay my rent whenever I need help with anything maintenance is here about 5 min after the request had been sent!! Always very friendly .. and very hard workers.. I work out every morning and I get an eye of the pool and I watch them every morning clean up and put everything together so we can all enjoy the pool that day.. have no regrets moving here.. and I truly do feel safe and at home on these grounds … Me and my fiancé have chosen this place to be our safe haven for now and we have no regrets


I waited a couple of months to finally post this review so I could accurately explain my experience. The entire experience of moving in and living here so far has been amazing. Allow me to give you some background about me , I am a disabled veteran currently in a Program for at risk and homeless veterans. I had a pretty nasty PTSD flare up 2 years ago and was placed in a program to help rehabilitate me called HUD/Vash. Unfortunately with this program other properties and apartments like to take advantage of people like me through predatory landlord tactics. Meaning the places I was being approved for by va and the housing authority were not safe and i was being lied to and moved in under false pretenses. I had to move unexpectedly to here because of an aggressive neighbor that management refused to help me with.. this place is different. Kalli and Griffin do not treat the residents disrespectful. They are familiar with programs like mine and will communicate and get the necessary paperwork handled. As far as fees and other things mentioned in other comments , they aren't hidden and are pretty straight forward. This apartment doesn't have a super high turnover overrate,, in fact, we are the 3rd people that have occupied this unit in 10 years. Over all a great experience I can't wait to marry my fiance later this year and begin married life here.


For the past three weeks Leasing Consultant Griffin Jackson has made apartment hunting very easy. Of the thousands of emails and calls I've sent to him for every missed thing I forgot to ask him the first time around there was no laps or frustration in getting back to me promptly. You're amazing man by far the best experience I've had when interacting with someone in customer service. People like you are hard to come by so I hope elevate appreciates what they have in you.

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